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AE Connect - Login and Registration Service
Email / Password Login
Social Login
Social Networks
Registration Analytics
Number of Customers 10K Unique Customers
100K Unique Customers
Fully Customizable Login Experience
Account linking (social ID & email)
Multi Domain Single Sign On 2
No sub-domains
(Includes sub-domains)
Multiple Application Architecture 2 Apps 10 Apps
AE Insights - Behavioral Analytics
Customer Demographics
Brands for Behavioural Analytics 500 1000
Customer Segmentation 1 Basic Segment
1 Custom Segment
1 Basic Segment
10 Custom Segments
Custom Activity Tracking 20 100
Dashboard Accounts 5
User Audit Trails & Management X
Real-Time Behavioural Insights Stored for 3 Months Stored for 6 Months
AE Storage - Integrations, Storage Limits, and Refresh Rates
Customer & Data Storage Shared Server Shared Server
API Access Basic Calls Advanced Calls
API Request Limits 300/hour 600/hour
Webhooks X
AE Dashboard Refresh Weekly Weekly
Peak Registration Capacity 50/minute 100/minute
AE Support - Our Personal Support For You
Standard Support Services 1 hour/week 2 hours/week
Support Response Time 48 Hours 24 Hours
Level-Up Webinars
Quarterly 1-on-1 Coaching X
Extra Features
More Of Everything Included In The Pro Plan
Dedicated Server
Custom Integrations
Onboarding Specialist Team
Single Sign-on For Multiple Brands, Sub-brands and Applications
Administration Dashboard and Audit Logs

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